Unique Boat Design Of ILYA

Inland Lake Yachting Association governs the design of the boat to be used in competitions by beginners who are sailing for the first time or racing. The boat is 16 feet in length and comes with a center board design, is hard-chinned and has a pointed bow. This X boat design is deemed to be uncomplicated and safe.

This basic boat design has been existing over many years and has helped several sailors to start off with their sailing sport experience. It also remains as the predominant club racing boat design that is used by youngsters for sailing, up to 16 years of age in the Midwest. This boat design, limited to ILYA clubs is used by inland kids only while it is not the case when it comes to juniors who compete with other parts of the USA. This could well be the secret ingredient that strengthens the sailors and participants of this organization.

Here young people become part of the sailing region instead of traveling out and beyond the familiar home lake territories. The youngsters who are trained later join the Scow fleets in the adult teams; that is how they keep the sport as part of their life. The fun experience ensures that the popularity remains across generations in these regions.

The recent 78th Annual X Championship that was held attracted about 115 teams; they competed at Pewaukee, WI on the Pewaukee Lake. Here it was not only about competing, but there were much more fun activities that had the kids bonding. They played volleyball, had great meals, enjoyed great hospitality of the hosting club and had fun. That is a message that goes to the youngsters who compete which encourages them to hold onto the sport and make it a part of their life.