Olympics 2020 Committee Works Out Postponed Dates


The International Olympic Committee thinks that 2021 is the year to which the 2020 Olympics need to be moved to. The Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics event of 2020 was much anticipated but with the coming of the pandemic situation across the world, it was evident that the program needs to be rescheduled. The changed dates have been announced accordingly, between July 23rd and August 8th next year as well as between August 24th and September 5th respectively.

There was a recent announcement by the committee by the chief executive of the board, Toshiro Muto. He acknowledged that pandemic would impact the games and the new dates are also tentative, subject to confirmation as the situation comes under check. His statement reflected what other experts are saying. For instance, Kentaro Iwata, a professor at Kobe University who specializes in infectious diseases, stated that it is likely that the games might have to be postponed beyond 2021. Most public health experts state that new dates can be issued only when a vaccine is found for the same.

The Olympic Committee stated that Tokyo can provide opportunity till 2021 for the Games to be hosted after which holding the venue further is uncertain. The ball that is kept up in the air, promoting the Olympic Games can be kept for a year but not more. Hence, the committee hopes that they would be able to host the event by 2021.  One of the challenges that the organizers face is securing the venues. They are now working with a new road map where they plan the rescheduling of the games. They need to align priorities and resources accordingly. Costs are an issue as well since the postponement of the same leads to additional costs running into hundreds and millions of dollars. The Tokyo 2020 Coordination commission is working the costs with support from organizations like National Olympic Committees and International Federations.