Durham Club Bronze In BUCS

Durham Uni sailing club is celebrating its 50th anniversary and what could be happier news than this that the girls team of the club won bronze medal in BUCS Fleet Racing Championships.

This is the first ever any medal by Durham in this championship.

The female team of club got this award after 24 hours of the event as there was some mixing up at the time of award giving ceremony. On the other hand male team of Durham too played well and missed medal very closely.

The Durham club sent their team to participate in this championship after many years. Different from other universities, Durham does not provide help to sailors in transportation of boats to the championship destination still the male and female team came and participated in the event.

The event has four fleets with different sizes of boats and both male and female had to race opposite each other. After that three teams from male and three from female has to be picked for team prizes. Before the match the weather condition was not in the favor of Durham girls as they were underweight to deal with wind. However, they managed coming front, sailed well and won the bronze.

The male team of Durham also did well, but just lacked one point to take the bronze medal. Nevertheless, their performance in the championship was praised by both spectators and organizers.

Winning the medal after so much of dilemma is something that these girls can never forget. Crew member shared her view about the event and said “We did well and we were expecting medal, but our name was not announced we were surprised. Later, when we got the news then we all were very excited to receive the medal. This medal is a 50th anniversary gift to our club”.