Bad Weather Hit Vendée Globe

Conrad Colman, the solo skipper is in the final round of nonstop Vendée Globe around the world race. The skipper has completed 97% of the race and all of sudden the boat met with an accident.

Colman sailed the boat for 97 days and over 26,500. He was 700 nautical miles away from Les Sables d’Olonne, the finish line of the race. In the 35-40kts of wind his mast crashed down. Colman understood it that he is dealing with a big one and he took the position of 270 miles northwest by west of Lisbon, Portugal. The hurdle was the last one on the way of Colman to the finish line. If Colman would have made it, then he would have been in the 10th position of this race, and in line for the prize of a week’s Split Yacht Charter.

Though, the wind has done big damage to the boat of Colman, but he is hopeful to finish the race of Vande Globe. He is receiving wishes from all over the world and he is thankful to his fans and supporters.

As an arrangement to repair the damage, Colman has tried to replace the mast of the boat with some temporary solutions. Moreover, he is using all renewable energy in the entire Vandee Globe.

However, the Mother Nature is not in the favor of Colman. It is expected that the wind will remain in the same position for the coming days as well.

It is not like only Colman has been hit with this change wind, some other sailors to have been badly hit by this bad weather.

Eric Bellion is one among them whose boat has got damage of various types because of high wind. Bellion is in ninth position in the race and participated in the Vandee Globe for the first time.