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Hally Hansen NOOD Regatta 2017 Edition

The highlight of recent days is the Hally Hansen NOOD regatta that has commenced for the 2017 edition. This sailing race is dominated by A class catamarans. The floaters and foilers of this class assemble in St Petersburg for the race.

Most sailing enthusiasts look forward to this regatta as it includes high performance catamarans that have commenced sailing this weekend. The place of the regatta is St Petersburg that is known as a Spa Beach which is located in Florida. Here about forty catamarans of Class A have assembled for this event. Every vessel has undergone modifications as per the preferences of the owners.

The grassy park located by the beach has several catamaran owners encamped for the sailing race. The catamarans are of high performance and the talking point among the owners as well as the viewers or followers of the races. There is a divide evident among the floaters and the foilers among these vessel owners. Indeed, here the vessels are lined up for exhibit as in an antique car show or rally. (more…)

USA Claims Gold At Aon Youth Sailing

Wiley Rogers and Jack Parkin of the United States have confirmed their gold medals at the Aon Youth Sailing Worlds in Auckland by winning two out of the two races on day four of the event. Both of them are pretty much excited at what they have achieved. They have won the gold medal on the penultimate day of the racing event.

Rogers said that there were a lot of dedication and hard work put in by them and this is why they were able to win the gold medal. The victory has not sunk in yet. They have attributed the win to their discipline, dieting, and hard work. (more…)