OYC Has Everything For Sailing Lovers

Sailing on the horizon stimulates a sense of longing.

Stimulated by the winds read and deployed by a woman or man at the helm, a sailboat floats freely through the water; it seems it is connected intimately to the forces of nature that is present around it.

Ozark Yacht Club (OYC), at the Lake of the Ozarks, helps individuals with a passion and desire to get on the water without requiring to buy a boat. With the membership of OYC any woman or man can take the control of a sailboat without bearing the high ownership cost.

The best part about this club is the boats available here or reserve is of excellent quality and of different shape and size to accommodate members’ of different abilities and needs at any given point of time. It variety of fleet includes boats that are suitable for 1 to 8 people, in lengths. The largest one in the club is about 40-feet and it can comfortably accommodate nearly 6 people for all over the night on the water. The membership of club is not just for professional and advanced sailors, but it is for entry-level sailors as well. It also offers lesson to those who want to pursue the sailing art or hone their abilities.

At OYC, the Sailing Membership is available at a yearly cost of $1,500. At this cost members gets access to boats of high quality boats, including access to other amenities and discounts on Social Membership of OYC.

The amenities include use of:

  • Heated patio and pool of OYC starting from May to October.
  • A sandy beach which is a private one, it is a play area for volleyball and picnics, and also an individual court of sand volleyball.
  • The fitness room, of OYC is equipped with reclining bicycle, treadmill, tanning bed, and infrared sauna and elliptical.